Traveling this last week brught something to my attention again that I had quickly forgotten, and have consistently avoided for a long time now. I cannot go on anymore without pointing some apparently underwhelming facts out to you all. Americans are DUMB! Listen I fall into this group with you all, and believe you me when I say I’m sorry.

Idioracy and the American Way

Looking back at the classic movie from the early 2000’s I begin to wonder where exactly we went wrong. I partially blame the writers and directors for creating this intellectual masterpiece so elegantly highlighting the follies and fallacies of our ways.

This falls into the old Chicken / egg conundrum, where placing blame on the artist and their art seems misplaced. Some of us seem to have been told this was a manuscript to live by, and simply gave up. Brando is good, after all. What exactly is wrong with people and how do we change this course completely?

To continue in this path is certainly a quick route to death and the end of humanity. Sure, some humans will continue existing and spreading the disease. Without humanity and the good that can be, we are simply reduced to Neanderthals. Is this really where we want to go? Is this a destination where our kids belong?

Well I say HELL NO! That is no place I will let my kids play, and shame on you for allowing yours to play here too. You know better after all.

The Clues We Are Failing


Looking around, I am sure you see them too. The long faces, devoid of happiness, whatever that is.

The hungry mouths, sad with the understanding that there is no food. Agnostic are we who trudge through on our commute, clueless to the struggle any other human is under. We are too engulfed in a struggle, however this is somehow disconnected and separate from the struggle of anyone else.

When we fail to take care of our own, the height of civilization is reached. The tipping point is attained and the downfall begins. If we don’d activly stop this it will consume everything we love and bring us back into the dark ages.

At some point this will lead to the outright demise of the human. The world will be saved.