I purchased this domain about a year ago with high ambitions. Instead of progressing into the development here, life got in the way. I now have a son, a new day job and far less time to build things. That being said it was abut time to put something here, I’m paying for it after all.

I had originally intended the domain to be a place to share my thought on topics i find interesting. So that’s what I’m doing. I hope that it is enjoyed by some and helps others. We will see where this goes in the end.

I don’t want to just use this space to scream into the void, expressing my frustrations and simply vent here. Some sure, but I will try to curate the content to more positive leaning topics. I consider my self to be an optimist, and I expect that will come out of my writing. I also am trying to express myself more, and this seems to be an indirect way to accomplish this.

The Blog

Jekyll Logo

I decided to setup a Blog and went looking for available services to host the site. I looked at wordpress, joomla, maybe just creating a medium account and using their platform… But then this awesome domain would be going to waste. Then came along Jekyll in a glorious way to save the day!

The setup is simple, following the install directions and getting a site live is less than 5 min of command line fu. THe directions are excellent and easy to follow. There are tons of templates available to get a great kick start for a site, and blogs seem to be very popular. I settled on this template and have enjoyed setup and configuration. Nothing too hard here.

The plan is to host this on github for free since, why not! The use of their infrastructure and CDN is optimal for a free blog, setup as a hobby. If this takes off then I will look at some more permanent hosting options.

The Content

Now that I have a site setup, I need to fill it in. I have so many interests and hobbies that it shouldn’t be difficult to fill this in quickly. I don’t however have the slightest inclination where to start.

I’ve worked out a few topics that I am passionate about that I think I will start with. As this progresses I will add more to this list until it holds all of my interest. I hope to have time to continue this effort into the future.

Topics (high level)


I live in technology day and night. I have been designing systems, installing and troubleshooting tech in some fassion or another for the last 15 years. I bleed in 1’s & 0’s

Topic General Explanation
Linux/Unix Most of my computing happens on a *nix box, this is what I’ve learned.
Hardware Building I love the smell of solder in the morning. A place for project write-ups
Cryptography I’m novice but interested. This is mostly a cool list of ways Bob listens in on Alice and Jane.
Photography/Video Budding photographer
Radio Hacking Just me and my SDR out in a field, listening to rouge waves
Web Development Things I make and my learning along the way
Drones This will be the next chapter in my technology journey


I will discuss some of the things that make me go hmmm. Life is a funny thing.

Topic General Explanation
Kids Holy shit I’m a Dad!
Household things It’s funny what you find common is so foreign to others
Vehicles Grumblings on how much they suck, and are necessary
Travel This is something I hope to do more of.
Politics While I am not overly political I will from time to time descend into the madness
Philosophy My take on the general life condition and what we can do to change it.


It seems that I have lived a few lives already, and another is just around the corner. I will try and recount some of the stories from my past here.

Topic General Explanation
Snow My escapades as a snow bum in the rocky mountains
Influences Those things that shaped me into the person I am today
WTF Those moments where you wonder if this is the parallel universe where it worked out. Feel bad for that other guy.

While this is awful ambitious, I hope to be able to continue to add content as life goes by. If anything I can look back and feel the sting of failure I am so used to with these ambitious activities.

I hope to not have to place ads here, though I would like to earn some revenu from this, I hate this business model. If you enjoy what I’m doing, please send me a coffee or a beer.