While working my day job, I was introduced professionally to Greg and his family owned and operated business, Certified Balancing and Commissioning (Certtab for short). What impressed me initially about Greg was the overwhelming honesty and integrity that he holds himself and all of his employees to. This is something that is not found too often in the contractor world.

Certtab slogan “All I have in this world are my word and my faith, and I wont …” FINISH THIS QUOTE

HVAC Balancing

Who They Are

Certtab is one of the leading HVAC certification and commissioning agents in the Denver metro area. These guys know some of the most complicated systems and work on massive fans, chillers and central plants. The knowledge and professionalism became apparent on the large scale controls upgrades we were working on. He not only helped us identify places where we as the system owners could save money, gain efficiency and lessen he environmental impact of running a large scale (+1 million sq feet of interior space) system. Greg and his team were instrumental in identifying the root cause of the issues we were seeing, as well as providing solutions to overcome them.

Through his efforts we identified that some of the largest return fans and supply air inputs were “short cycling” and not providing the correct balance that the building needed. This had been going on for over 25 years since the original install and was less than optimal. We corrected the issues and saw a reduction of energy consumption and thermal loss after implementing the changes he suggested.

Developing Certtab.com

Web Development

When I met Greg, he had a web presence however it was dismal to say the least. A relative that was studying computer science in school offered to build the company website for free. Greg being the family oriented person that he is, took them up on the offer.

The first site was just that, the first they had created. While it had all of the information that greg wanted, it was run on an old WordPress installation and was not the most mobile friendly or responsive. Once I saw the site I offered Greg a re-work to hi site. While I am no seasoned web developer I felt I could offer a much better product.

Using the Zurb Foundation framework to develop his site, I was able to quickly turn around a new site. This is a great improvement to his business and hopefully adds to the success of his operation.

Email Is Important

The company had been setup with the default email provided by their domain provider. This basic package limited the ability of the company to create multiple email addresses for employees and was less than easy to use.